Environmental work

The Environment – Our future!

Our commitment to the environment is big. Everything we do at Delfinbuss is in consideration of the environment.
From waste-sorting in our office to run our garage on solar cell electricity. Naturally we use HVO (environmental-friendly and fossil-free diesel) to reduce pollution.

The diesel engine is still the most efficient choice for running a heavy vehicle. HVO is a synthetic diesel which created by different waste & decay products, as vegetable- and animal fats and oils. Electricity is not yet a realistic alternative for a charter service coach.  

The next step in our environmental work was that we, from the 13th of October 2017 installed a 19,25 kW solar cells facility which runs our garage in Sollentuna. Where we wash, empty the toilets, charge and repair our 20 buses. The facility produces a lot of electricity, so we are also able to sell the surplus!


Our environmental policy

– All our co-workers strive to reduce our environmental impact. 
– When we purchase new vehicles we always choose the highest environmental classification. 
- No bus should be older than 10 years. 
- All fuel to our vehicles should be environmentally friendly diesel or alternative fuel. 
- Our facilities are powered by solar cells and the surplus is being sold for re-use.


Don’t forget; To travel in a group is a climat-smart choice!