About Delfinbuss

Delfinbuss history started more than 30 years ago when two dispatches were let known that the company they worked at was about to be sold. A new company with the same comfort-feeling was to be created! Since coaches are an expensive investment they had to start off with one coach and try to keep up with as much workload as possible.

Delfinbuss has during the years slowly but surely expanded and added on new personnel and coaches. Today we have about 20 full-time employees and several part-timers that are here to help you with your trip.

After more than 30 years in the business we are most pride of the fact that we are still helping clients that has been with us from the beginning. Even a part of the personnel are still here to help our clients/guests and feel happy about working here!

Our commitments are very varied. A big part of the bookings are within the Stockholm-area, but we also drive outside of the city as well as abroad. Among our clients we have everything from organizations, companies, private guests, travel agencies, schools and world artists. No task is too big or too small! We are happy to drive the smallest of groups as well as parties consisting of hundreds of guests, maybe just a few kilometers or through entire Europe. We will take your guests to the conference, party, restaurant, wedding, hotel, airport, event, congress, ski-trip or abroad!

Delfinbuss is the only coach company certified by the traffic police in convoy driving. Our drivers are trained every year to make sure they are kept up-to-date. 

Our garage is based in Sollentuna and Tyresö (approx. 20 km outside of Stockholm), while our dispatches and the administration-team is based at Södermalm, in Stockholm city.