Hire your coach and driver

Hire your own coach and driver – Information

With Delfinbuss you can hire your own coach with driver according to you wishes, whether it is for a short transfer or a multiple-day trip.
We only rent out vehicles with our own drivers.

You decide when, where from and where to!

Do you wish to have guides, hostesses or maybe catering? - We can help you with that as well!

Price enquiry:

Click at this link to proceed to our price enquiry-page. Please fill in the form and we will get back to you with an offer for your group! The enquiry is not binding, you just send us the enquiry and we will get back with an offer which you decide if you want to accept it or not.
You can also email the enquiry to info@delfinbuss.se or call +46 8 55 60 88 80. We will get back to you as soon as possible! If you are unsure of anything you can leave the field empty or give us approximate information. We will calculate a price based on the information you provide us with.
If anything were to change, please contact us with the updated info and you will be handed a new offer.

Transportation types:
There are three different categories which determines which information we need:


  1. Transfer. You just need the bus from point A to point B, no stops along the way.
  2. Return. Same conditions as for the one above, but with a return transfer as well. The coach is not being used in-between the 2 transfer, instead we will come back and pick you up in time for you return. The return transfer can start and/or end at another destination and/or on another date.
  3. Bus at disposal. The coach is at disposal between given times and dates. Example can be sightseeing, one-day trip to another city with visits along the way, a multiple day trip or due to another reason that the coach needs to be at disposal during specific times.

    Cancellation terms:
    Cancellation fee for assignments without an overnight stay:

    At least 48 hours before departure…………... 0% of confirmed price.
    24-48 hours before departure………….…… 50% of confirmed price.
    0-24 hours before departure………………. 100% of confirmed price.

    Cancellation fee for assignments that include an overnight stay:

    At least 7 days before the departure date……. 0% of confirmed price.
    2-7 days before the departure date…………. 50% of confirmed price. 
    0-2 days before the departure date……….... 100% of confirmed price.


You are welcome to call if you rather wish to speak to us: +46 8 55 60 88 80.

(Office hours: 09.00 – 17.00 business-days) We await your request!